Thank you for visiting the homepage of „Praxiszentrum Saarstraße“, Saarstr.7, 80797 in Munich.
Praxiszentrum Saarstrasse is a multidisciplinary practice which accepts all public and private health insurances. It is directed by

Dr.Nikolaus Weissenrieder,
medical specialist for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine as well as medical specialist for Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Dr.Eva Winkler- Weissenrieder,
medical specialist for General Medicine.

Our focuses
The focus of Praxiszentrum Saarstrasse is conventional medicine as well as naturopathic, homeopathic and psychotherapeutic diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases in children, women and adults. Both doctors are additionally certified in homeopathy and naturopathy, as well as in hypnosis, autogenic training, muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen, and psychotherapy.

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    Dr. Nikolaus Weissenrieder has teaching privileges in the specialty Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. Dr. Eva Lochmüller is also a medical specialist in Gynecology.
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    Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
    Dr. Nikolaus Weissenrieder also has teaching privileges in the specialty Adolescent Medicine.
  3. 3
    General Medicine
    Dr. Eva Winkler-Weissenrieder has teaching privileges in General Medicine and naturopathy.
  4. 4
    Mrs. Huber is a certified midwife with the focus on prenatal care, supervision of mother and baby around birth, as well as follow – up care.